Welcome to
the GirlBoss Project!

If you’ve landed here, it’s because you’re a businesswoman who truly owns her entrepreneurial spirit. The GirlBoss Project is an all-inclusive experience and platform to highlight the amazing work of women entrepreneurs, create a community for like-minded women to network, give them a voice and learn from each other. 

Women have wasted far too much time being competitive and cutting each other down. We need to stop that nonsense and start coming together with one another to grow. And it starts now.


It all starts with a photography session.

If you are selected to become a part of the GirlBoss Project, you will benefit from a complimentary photo shoot at Chantale Arsenault Photography, along with a complimentary professional makeup and hairstyling session.

One image will be selected by me and posted to my social media pages under the GirlBoss Project heading. Details about you, your business and a link to your website or page will also be displayed. All other participants will see your profile, creating fantastic opportunities to connect, find new partners, and thrive together in the community as businesswomen.

How much does it cost?

The GirlBoss Project is a pay-it-forward model, which allows each participant to actively support one another. After your photo session, you can opt to purchase the pictures I take of you. These purchases help fund the GirlBoss Project.

Why is there a selection process?

Being an entrepreneur—and particularly a woman entrepreneur—has a unique set of challenges and a totally different reality than other professions. That’s why we carefully select participants so that our members feel as though they can truly benefit from mutual exchanges with kindred spirits.