Taking pictures and hustling like a boss for nearly 25 years

You only get one shot at this life. Make it worth it. That’s been my North Star for as long as I can remember.And through my lenses, I want to crystalize your journey, your passion, and your maverick nature that are undoubtedly making a dent in the world.


I’ve been a professional photographer for over two decades. I’ve pretty much done it all—from fashion to weddings and families to commercial photography. But I said goodbye to doing “gigs” a long time ago to do things MY way (cue in Frank Sinatra if you must, but I prefer Nancy’s walkin’ boots). That’s when I started specializing in photography for women and especially women entrepreneurs. The reason? She bosses were highly underserved in the market, with generic and lacklustre results. It was time to smash the cookie-cutter approach for women’s portraits and start taking pictures that reveal the business rockstars that they are.

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As of today, I have photographed hundreds of women entrepreneurs of all walks of life, ages, sizes and personalities. I have a particular penchant for women over 40 because I profoundly believe that just because they’re not 22 anymore does not mean they are over the hill or just plain over. I make a difference in their lives because I shed light on the utterly gorgeous women they are. Are you ready to take the leap and feel fab too?

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